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What is the purpose of these books?

These Bible study guides were written to help people get into the Bible themselves. Wherever the Bible is read, understood and obeyed, people's lives are changed. Faith, hope and love grow.

The books on this website are study tools designed to strengthen churches by helping all the members to study the Bible during the week, both alone and in small groups. These books also help house church leaders to guide group discussion in their weekly meetings.

Many believers find it difficult to get into God's word because they don't understand it. Thus, they don't have confidence to read God's word on their own. A study guide helps the readers of God's word to look closely at certain parts of the text by asking three general questions, which are the basics of inductive Bible study. These questions are: 1) What does the text actually say? 2) What did the writer mean? 3) How do we apply these truths and principles to our lives today? All the questions in these study guides fit under one of these three questions. The study guides on this site also give the readers brief Bible culture and history notes that give understanding to us who live in the 21st century. The Bible begins to come alive and we see its relevance for our lives.

Who wrote these books and what type of audience are they written for?

These books were written by English speakers who have worked for many years in Central Asia. They wanted seekers of truth to find salvation in Jesus Christ by going to the Holy Book itself. They also wanted believers to grow deeper in their walk with God by learning to study His word on their own. They were written from an international perspective in order to be relevant to people from many cultures and languages. They are being used successfully by people from a variety of backgrounds - those who are highly educated and those with limited education. It is also for those who are wanting to learn more about Jesus, those who are new followers, and those who have been walking with Jesus for many years. Everyone can find food for spiritual growth through using these studies.


I've never led a small group Bible study. Can I do it without special training?

Training in leading a group Bible study can be very helpful, but it is not necessary in order to begin. The Bible was written for all people, not just for scholars. These books are designed to be simple enough that any group that has a desire to know God can read through the scripture passages in the Bible and then answer the questions in the study guide. "Bible Study Principles and Guidelines for Leaders" in the front of the 50 Life Studies book can give you some useful suggestions. (See also "How to Use These Studies" in the front of the Genesis study guide.)

How can these books help me to study the Bible with someone when I'm still learning their language?

Many believers have used this book to disciple an individual or a group in a language other than their own first language. For example, a native English speaker with a limited knowledge of Farsi can have the English and Farsi books open side by side in front of him while the Farsi speaker he is discipling uses the Farsi study guide and Farsi Bible. Although the English speaker may not understand everything that his friend is saying when he speaks Farsi, he can lead him step by step in reading and reflecting on a passage from God's Word. See "Testimonies" for a great story on someone who led their language helper to Jesus using 50 Life Studies.

Where can I buy these books?

This website does not sell books. We offer free downloads for you to put on your device in a digital form, or you may print single studies or entire books.

If I want to have books printed, what do I need to know?

You may live in a country where it is not possible to print this through a professional printer. This video may help you with ideas on printing your own books. Or you may have a professional printer do the job. You will notice that these books are copyrighted. Permission is given to print as many copies as you desire. However, you may not make any changes without obtaining our permission first. Contact us here. Also, you may sell them for the amount that it cost to have them printed, but you may not sell them for a profit.

What format should I print the books in?

We recommend "booklet" format, which most print companies are able to do easily. The book is stapled in the middle, folded and cut on the long end. With staples the books usually hold together better than glued books. Using booklet format, 50 Life Studies was printed in 2012 in the U.S. for approximately $3 per book. $2-4 per book is a common price worldwide. If you printer has any questions about format, you may have him watch this video.

For the leader to guide the discussion, is one book per group enough?

If you decide to print, we suggest you print enough books for every member in your group to have one. This allows each group member to read along as the study progresses. Also, they may want to study at home. Some will take the study and do it with others in their family or among friends. Don't forget that group members may download the book onto their smart phones. Also, you may use a simple home printer to print off individual copies of lessons by downloading the full book onto your computer. Then go to the print menu of the pdf and tell it what pages to print.


Do I have permission to translate these books into another language?

Yes, permission is granted to translate these books. We recommend that you write us through our contact page to make sure that the language you desire to translate into is not already being done. Also, the best translations are done from the book's original language, which is English, not from an already translated language. The translator should be a native speaker of the target language and also know English well. Previous translation experience is also highly recommended. The translator should first read the "Guidelines for Translators". This is found in the 50 Life Studies at the end of the English book.

Do you have a question we have not answered? Contact us here.